Dent Repair

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Leave No Trace of Dents Behind

Count on us for professional dent repair in Corona & Irvine, CA

Were you recently shocked to find a dent in your vehicle? No matter how it happened, your once perfect and shiny ride isn't so shiny anymore. Before you risk damaging it further with a DIY project, contact the local pros at Bumper Fix. We'll take a close look at the dent to determine the best method for repair.

Depending on the location and severity of the damage, paintless dent repair may be possible. We can also match your existing paint color perfectly using computer-generated models.

Call your local-certified auto painter today for quality dent repair.

Dent Repair Corona & Irvine, CA

5 reasons why you shouldn't ignore a dent

It might be tempting to ignore a tiny dent on your door or fender. After all, it doesn't directly affect your vehicle's performance. But here are five reasons why you should never leave a dent on your vehicle:

  1. Additional paint is likely to chip away
  2. Rust can develop on exposed metal
  3. Prolonged California heat and sunshine can break down paint
  4. Your car's resale value will take a significant hit
  5. Future repairs will likely cost more

Just like a crack on your windshield, a small dent or scratch can slowly develop into a much bigger problem. Contact us today for swift and effective dent repair in Corona & Irvine, CA.