Headlight Restoration

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Give Your Headlights A Showroom Finish

Set up headlight cleaning services in Corona, Irvine or Yorba Linda, CA

Clean headlights are essential to driving safely at night. But your headlights also have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your car. If your headlights are covered in mud and grime, turn to Bumper Fix.

We provide headlight cleaning services in Corona, Irvine and Yorba Linda, CA and can come to your location so you don't have to bring your car to the shop. We'll make sure your headlights shine brightly. People might even think your car was just driven off the lot. Arrange for professional headlight cleaning services now by contacting us at 714-800-9695.

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We can restore the dirtiest headlights

A headlight restoration isn't just for headlights covered in dirt. If your headlights are hazy or seem to be getting dimmer, Bumper Fix can help. We don't just replace the lightbulbs and hope for the best. We'll clean the assembly thoroughly to make sure light can shine through properly, giving you the visibility you need.

Make an appointment for headlight restoration services when you call us today.